Anti-spam policy

ADVENT TRADING LIMITED expressly supports international initiatives against spamming and for lawsuits against entities facilitating any distribution of mass sending of "spam" mail and messages. We are convinced that spam sending, being an ethically unattractive and inefficient method of winning customer loyalty, does absolutely contradict our company's corporate values and the established social norms.

We act in compliance with the anti-spam policy when we send emails or messages to our clients, and demand that our company's partners and public representatives meet the established anti-spam standards. ADVENT TRADING LIMITED does not encourage fraudulent methods of attracting new investors to our platform - if you are our partner, please make sure you use appropriate methods of referral attraction.

We respect our customers, which is why we never distribute advertising letters (emails), neither do we insert native promotional materials in the bodies of our messages, which would facilitate promotion of other companies' products and services.

Obtaining and storing certain contact data upon your personal consent, we send to you only up-to-date and important information, as well as system notifications and messages related to the protection of security of your account or funds. In most cases, in order to efficiently interact with you as an investor or a partner, we only need to know your email address - we do not abuse the trust of our customers and value your time.

New versions of this anti-spam policy will be published without advance notice given to users.

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