User agreement


Agreement with the conditions of use of Advent Trading

By this user agreement, Advent Trading notifies its customers (investors, partners, representatives, registered users and visitors of of the rules of using the trusted capital management or additional services on Advent Trading.

By continuing to use our services, you agree with the requirements and conditions of this user agreement, and we ensure your high-quality and secure access to your personal back office where investment opportunities are available.


What is required from Advent Trading users

The requirements we impose on users are regulated solely by legislative and morally ethical norms connected with attracting an unlimited number of entities to financial activities.

Investing with us requires that a user is equipped with certain knowledge in the field of finance and cryptocurrency technologies, as well as some skills of use of electronic payment systems for monetary transactions.

Trusted management services are available to persons of 18 years of age and older, with a sufficiently high level of responsibility for their personal financial situation.

To avoid negative consequences for our company and you personally, please ensure any funds you use have been obtained from a legitimate source.


Tax reports on the income received

The customers of Advent Trading shall personally submit a personal income tax declaration or any other reports on the financial deals carried out to the competent tax authorities in compliance with applicable regulations, if required by applicable state laws.


Processing of our customers' personal data

Advent Trading respects the confidentiality of your personal information and pays particular attention to the secure personal data processing. We use modern means of our customers' confidential data protection, continuously improving our protection technologies, meeting international standards.

We collect and process our users' personal information in order to ensure the proper functioning of the platform and convenience of investing by the customers of Advent Trading. The received information about our users helps us effectively optimize the operating processes, modernize and assess the quality of our service(s), develop new technical solutions, making our services even better and more convenient for investors and our company's partners.

Please read the current version of our privacy policy to learn how we collect and process your personal data, and what principles we adhere to in relation to our customers' confidential information.


Breaches of rules and settlement of disputes

We carefully monitor how this user agreement is abided by and the compliance to the few requirements for the users of our services. In case we detect a breach or an attempt to commit any fraudulent action, the company reserves the right to cease provision of any services to the user, with the restriction of access to the personal back office imposed.

For dispute settlement, send messages with your offers or claims to the official email address of Advent Trading. We try to resolve any arising conflicts in a loyal manner, and are usually ready to particularly consider your case with a mutual settlement agreement.

New versions of this user agreement will be published without advance notice given to users, however, we will certainly notify you of any serious and important changes made to the conditions of use of the investment services.

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