Risks notification

ADVENT TRADING LIMITED values financial security of the investors of the firm ADVENT TRADING, and hereby notifies potential customers of the possible risks related to investments and operations with cryptocurrencies.

We recommend that, on the basis of the information below, you evaluate your financial situation and the risk level appropriate for you. The given range of risks is not complete and requires additional research with use of relevant sources. By publishing this notice, we do not pursue convincing a customer to not invest, but would like to help better understand the existing risks.

Treat your investing on ADVENT TRADING seriously. Despite you do not have to have any professional skills in the field of finance or be engaged in professional investing to earn a profit, we strongly advise you to research the markets of high yield investments and cryptocurrencies, gaining some experience and basic understanding of those.

On the platform, only invest the amount you can easily lose without serious consequences for your personal budget. Never use borrowed funds or capital secured by pledged assets to pay to a deposit account.

Investment risks are systematic undiversifiable risks, market risks, liquidity risks, inflation risks, state regulation of financial markets, legal risks, existing administrative restrictions, changes of the political situation, social unrest, risks of lost profit, emergency situations and technogenic disasters, as well as the general, uncontrolled impact of the state of the global economy as a whole.

Managing its customers' assets, ADVENT TRADING LIMITED uses technical tools and software of the latest generation: robotized trading systems and self-learning neural networks. The technologies applied for profit generation may be imperfect and have certain drawbacks. There is a potential risk of unstable operation. We thoroughly monitor the internal processes at each stage of the trade systems' activity, and timely respond to any arising issues, ensuring the efficient and continuous functioning of the programs and algorithms of ADVENT TRADING.

The complex of measures taken to secure personal data and monitor any detected attempts of fraud allows us to protect your account at a high level, but, to minimize the risk of account hacking, it is important that you follow such basic rules of account protection from being accessed by third parties as: - do not store or tell your platform authorization data to anyone; - use an unusual, complex password to enter your back office, etc.

ADVENT TRADING LIMITED shall not be liable for any financial loss, lost profit or cessation of business activities resulting from the use of the platform ADVENT TRADING, however, we do responsibly take the necessary measures for protecting entrusted funds.

New versions of this notice about risks will be published without advance notice given to users.

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