Privacy policy


Consent to personal information processing

ADVENT TRADING LIMITED pays particular attention to the protection of any and all personal information of our investors, partners, representatives, registered users and the visitors of ADVENT TRADING. By continuing to use our platform, you entrust us with your personal information, and we ensure the secure and confidential processing of it.

In this privacy policy we are telling you about how and why we collect and process your personal data, which information about you is necessary for the comfortable operation of the platform ADVENT TRADING, how we ensure the security of your data, when we may transfer confidential information to third parties, as well as about our company's principles behind handling our customers' personal data.


Why we need our customers' personal data

We collect and process users' personal information in order to provide safe access to the website, ensure the proper functioning of the platform and comfort of investments by the customers of ADVENT TRADING. Without collecting and processing your data, the platform is not technically able to function.

For example, without your email, we are not able to create a personal back office for you or contact you with important automatic notifications, including for account password recovery, and, without transferring cookie files, authentication on the platform, monitoring user access sessions or providing proper technical support through an online chat are impossible. With help of third-party software, you can edit or restrict the transferring of some mandatory technical information about you, however, we do not claim any warranty of our website's stable functioning in such an event.

The received information about our users help us effectively optimize the operating processes, modernize and assess the quality of our services, develop new technical solutions, making the platform ADVENT TRADING even better and more convenient for investors and our company's partners.


How we process your personal data

As part of personal information processing, we may collect, record, systematize, store, renew, extract, use, transfer, depersonalize, block, delete and destroy any and all confidential information received from the ADVENT TRADING users.


What information about you we collect

We collect our customer's personal information of two types: first, the information provided directly by our user by entering in the text fields on your website or in electronic messages, for example, in case of contacting our support service; second, the technical information transferred in an "unseen" way, for example, the information on your computer device or installed software.

By using ADVENT TRADING, you provide us with the following confidential information: login, email address, addresses of cryptocurrency wallets, numbers of wallets in payment systems, IP addresses, device (computer) information and installed software information, as well as other technical data and the data you otherwise entrust us with; you also give your consent to receiving cookie files.

As well, we may store and process your history of visits to the ADVENT TRADING website, your history of financial transactions carried out, history of authorizations in the back office and the length of user sessions, history of the devices and IP addresses you used to visit the website, information on attracted referrals, history of contacts with our support service, activity statistics, etc.


The security of confidential data

Our company's priority is ensuring the secure processing of your personal information. We use modern means of our customers' confidential data protection, continuously improving the protection technologies, meeting international standards. Any and all confidential information is transferred in the encrypted form only, with use of the EV-SLL certificate with extended validation.

To minimize risks related to protecting personal information by yourself, it is important that you follow such basic rules of account protection from being accessed by third parties as: - do not store or tell your platform authorization data to anyone; - use an unusual, complex password to enter your back office, etc.


Distribution of personal data

ADVENT TRADING LIMITED respects the confidentiality of your personal information. We never share the data we receive from you in the process of your use of the platform ADVENT TRADING with third parties, outside companies or websites, or affiliated entities for advertising purposes.

New versions of this privacy policy will be published without advance notice given to users, however, we will certainly notify you of any serious and important changes made to the process of your information handling.

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