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  • How can I register on the platform

    In order to get access to Advent Trading investment opportunities, you need to register a customer's back office on our platform. Just enter your login, e-mail address, and password in the pop-up registration form and confirm the Web form submission. Your personal back office will be created successfully and completely ready for use.

  • How can I recover safely my back office password?

    When logging in on the platform click "Forgot your password?", enter your login and e-mail address of your back office, and confirm the form submission. We will send you a letter with a link to restore access to your back office. After a successful password change, log in using the updated data.

  • How can I change the password to log in to the back office?

    Password change function is available on "Settings" page of the back office. Just indicate the current password, enter a new one and confirm the password change. Your password will be updated successfully.

  • What is back office?

    Back office is your personal space designed for your investments management on Advent Trading platform. You are offered a full control of the entrusted capital at any investment stage from opening a deposit account and changing user's settings to tracking each payment and profit withdrawal to your personal wallet. In addition, a customer's back office possesses built-in services for Advent Trading partners and official representatives.

  • How can I set up a personal back office?

    The management system of the account settings is located on "Settings" page of your back office. Immediately after the registration the customer's back office is ready for use and doesn't require any technical or other additional settings, but you can change some of them, if necessary. For example, you can change the authorization password, set an automatic refback percentage, change the photo or update the list of personal accounts.

  • How can I save my personal accounts details?

    Updating of payment details for money withdrawal is available on "Settings" page of your back office. Just add a new account or change the current one on "Personal Accounts" panel and click "Update" to save the changes.

  • What are the differences between deposit, balance and personal accounts?

    Each open deposit account, or deposit, is your independent investment made on Advent Trading platform on previously selected terms. The profit from each deposit is allocated on the customer's balance account, or your internal balance. Each of the available payment systems or cryptocurrencies has got a corresponding balance account. Personal account is your individual account or wallet in the payment system or cryptocurrency blockchain, where you can withdraw your profit from Advent Trading internal balance.

  • How can I open a deposit account?

    Choose an investment proposal with the terms that are convenient for you and open a deposit account on "Invest" page of the customer's back office. Specify the payment method choosing a payment system or cryptocurrency, enter the deposit amount, and click "Go to payment". Read carefully information concerning the deposit in the pop-up window and proceed to the payment.

  • How can I pay a deposit account?

    In case of a fiat payment method, after the terms of a new deposit creation are confirmed, you will be directed immediately to the payment page of the official website of the payment system you have chosen. In order to pay the deposit in a cryptocurrency you will be given Advent Trading address in the blockchain of the selected currency, where you need to complete the transaction by any means available. Pay your attention to the payment amount: it must match up to the last numeric character.

  • How can I activate a deposit?

    Your deposit account will be activated automatically after the payment has been accrued on Advent Trading financial account. The activation of a cryptocurrency deposit will occur after the transaction has been confirmed in the blockchain.

  • How will the profit from an open deposit account be accrued?

    The profit from an open deposit account is accrued automatically every 24 hours after the activation has been completed during the entire period of your deposit.

  • What payment systems and cryptocurrencies are integrated into Advent Trading?

    Presently, you can use Perfect Money, Payeer or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum to open a deposit or withdraw funds. To make investments more comfortable we plan to add at least 9 more popular cryptocurrencies as well as bank payment option.

  • What restrictions are applied to my investments?

    Please, study carefully the investment proposals before opening a deposit account. As soon as you make the payment, any change of deposit terms (profit percentage, schedule of profit accrual, deposit amount, plan validity period etc.) including early closing or account deactivation will be impossible. Effective limits of deposit amount are specified in the terms of investment proposals. The minimal amount for opening a deposit account is 100 USD, and the maximal one has no limit.

  • How can I withdraw profit to my personal account?

    An application for funds withdrawal is made on "Withdrawal" page of the customer's back office. Choose a payment system or a cryptocurrency with the profit accrued on the balance sheet, enter amount and personal account details, and confirm the application for instant funds withdrawal. Immediately after the application has been sent, the operation will be saved in the back office transaction history.

  • How soon will the profit be accrued on my account after a withdrawal?

    As we process instantly our customers' withdrawal requests, your personal account will be replenished immediately after the withdrawal operation has been completed. The withdrawal is always made automatically, but sometimes under special circumstances the application processing can be slowed down. Please, don't worry, in 99.9% of cases the withdrawal will be made instantly.

  • What are the restrictions applied to the profit withdrawal to a personal account?

    You can make an unlimited number of withdrawals from the balance account in any available amount starting from 1 USD and at any time of the day.

  • What does participation in the affiliate program mean?

    In order to participate in our affiliate program it isn't necessary to have an open deposit account; you just need to register Advent Trading customer's back office. Just tell your friends and acquaintances about Advent Trading platform, share our information in social networks or arrange private promotion among your loyal audience, and earn up to 10% of recruited investors' deposits.

  • Use of a partner link

    During the back office registration we automatically generate an individual partner link for each customer. Use this link when recruiting new platform users. In this way we will automatically recognize your referrals as soon as they are taken to Advent Trading website. You can find your partner link on "Referrals" page in your personal back office.

  • Where can I control referral fees accruals?

    A comfortable control system of referral fees accruals is available on "Referral Accruals" panel of "Referrals" page of your back office. The history of referral fees reflects income amount, payment system, your referral's login, performance date, and operation status. Apart of the list of the recruited referrals presented as a table containing your referral's login, registration date, deposit account amounts, and your fees, you can find here information about your current partner status and bonus amount, as well as personal statistics and partner link.

  • How can I become an official representative of Advent Trading?

    Send us an application for raising partner status containing your full name, country of residence, language skills, business e-mail address, and public accounts in social networks (Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Skype or VK). We will definitely consider your application and let you know our decision in the nearest future.

  • Whom should I contact in case I have a problem?

    Please, choose the most comfortable way to communicate with us. You can use the feedback form on "Contacts" page and tell us about your problem indicating your contact details or send a message to the public e-mail address hello@neuronic.biz . However, the most convenient way to contact us and get an instant response is to leave a message in an online chat or via email clientscontacto@adventtradingltd.com. A personal consultant will help you resolve any issue and coordinate your actions at any investment stage.y.

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