Smart management of customers' assets

Entrust your investment to Advent smart trading alogrothim and heavy metals and earn up to 2.3% daily returns of your investment.

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Advent Trading smart, precious metals commodities trading algorithms capable of an efficient management of investors' assets. Our algorithms demonstrate a confident and impressive financial profitability rate participating in trade transactions on exchanges on their own and constantly improving their algorithms.

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We developed the latest generation of trading systems with neural networks architecture and unique trading algorithms.

Adrian Aquilina Director General

How Advent works


Register personal back office, choose investment terms, and open a deposit account.


Participate in precious metals commodities trade transactions and get your daily profit

  • Technical analysis

  • News sources and thematic resources

  • Analytics of traders' behavior and psychology

  • Other data research


Withdraw profit instantly to your personal account using popular payment systems.

Investment Offer

Investment plans with daily payments from 2.3% of deposit amount and instant funds withdrawal to your personal account

  • Contract Term7 days
  • Minimum100 United States Dollars
  • MaximumNo Limit
  • Capital InclusiveYes
  • Risk LevelInsured

Premium Continual Trade

  • Contract Term90 days
  • Minimum50,000 United States Dollars
  • MaximumNo Limit
  • Capital InclusiveYes
  • Risk LevelInsured

Affiliate program

Do you want to earn more? Recruit your friends, acquaintances, and business colleagues and get a 10% referral commission.

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Affiliate Partnership
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We cooperate with top exchanges

Algorithms trade only on large and approved international exchanges.


Some reviews from our clients

  • @RichGaran

    Your attention to detail, expertise and sound understanding of every step of the process gave me great confidence even when I felt slightly bewildered! I placed a lot of trust in you and you didn't let me down. We all have a job to do, but in my opinion you went over and beyond that.

  • @Shtirlic

    Advents Trading strategic advice and insights during due diligence helped me make the right decision for my finances, I'm delighted to be working with Advent Trading.

  • @junGle

    I have been using Advent Trading over the past 5 years to bounce ideas, gain advice and complete finances on plant machinery. They have proven to be extremely helpful and articulate in providing simple results in sometimes complicated situations at very competitive timeframes.

  • @Murohi24

    They make the process easy. I don’t know enough about entering trades myself and what is involved, but I felt that I could entrust this process to Advent Trading and be assured they were looking after my best interests.”

  • @RichGaran

    Advent Trading means professionalism, trust, great communication, knowledge sharing, confidence and hassle-free service.

  • @SGalinaV

    I have recommended a number of clients in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Advent Trading are a trusted trading and finance firm for my business and my clients.

  • @Shklar

    radingAdvent T is a trusted company. The people you work with in the company are client friendly and eager to help you accomplish your goals.

  • @Invest0r

    Here I am once again providing you another update on Advent, an excellent investment opportunity and your best investment platform for the year 2020. I've been here for quite a few weeks already, and the payments were always instant, as well as the support was fast and swift in their responses. Hop in, friends! :)

  • @erasta9

    I have nothing but praise for everyone at Advent Trading. I really valued that the team were accessible at any time of the day or night and whilst being extremely professional, skilled and experienced they talked to me at my level.

  • @IrenaMaevskaya

    If, I had to describe the value of Advent Trading, it is the delivery of people orientated business products providing knowledge and solutions to meet the evolutionary demands of business. They bring more to my business than solely trading my accounts. Acting with a hands on approach they understand business, acting with integrity they have assisted me to use my judgement to make the right decisions and continue to help me achieve the goals I have set for myself.

AdvantagesWhy investors entrust their assets management to us?

  • Professional trading algorithms with a neural network architecture

  • Continuous software update of trading systems

  • Personal consulting at any investment stage

  • High-quality capital and financial risks management

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